Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A little story about Mo Vaughn...

You woke up today and wondered: Are the comments in Metsblog worth reading?
Apparently, yes:
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: eMailbag: Why Don't You Like the Hall of Fame
by KenDynamo on Tue 09 Jan 2007 04:49 PM EST | Profile | Permanent Link
i once took a class with mo back in the 80's and i remember him always showing up with some sort of buffalo sandwich or buffalo wing salad or something and always a 64 oz cola as well. anyway, he would chow down all day and i would always think to myself, man, the punishment that guy must lay down in the can. so one time he was wolfing down a buffalo burger with blue cheese dressing when i saw him suddenly stop, put the burger down and make a bee line for the hallway. i knew exactly where he was going and decided now was my chance to see this explosive athlete in action. after waiting a few seconds i blatently left class and chased after him, wanting to make sure i found a stall near his. well i tell you he didnt even have time to shut the door before tearing the place up. i've never seen or heard such devestation before in my entire life! it was the probably the most impressive display of bombing ive ever beheld. each day after that whenever mo would enter the room we'd all shout, make way, thunder comin thru! and if you can tell me that after witnessing a catacylsmic event of such magnitude that somehow mo vaugn should not be in the hall of fame, then i say to you, you do not know crap.