Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chuck Norris: Backstory and some analysis

Linked from the Crank's very good if politically misguided blog, here is the backstory to the whole Chuck Norris thing. The most interesting part is how this all blew up after he switched from Vin Diesel to Chuck Norris:
Then last summer, Ian Spector - the freshman from Brown - invented his Random Fact Generator. He started with Vin Diesel ( Sample: "When mortals rub two sticks together, we get fire. When Vin Diesel rubs two sticks together, we get Christianity."

It went over modestly well. Ian asked his Web audience to nominate a successor. Chuck Norris was the overwhelming favorite.

"It exploded," Ian said this week. "Since last summer we've had 50-million hits. We generally get between 500,000 and 800,000 hits a day."
Count me in the strong but nowhere-near-vocal-enough minority that things Vin Diesel was a superior foil. I'm sorry, but to me "Vin Diesel Is Not Lactose Intolerant, He Just Refuses to Put Up with Lactose's Shit" is funnier than "Chuck Norris Fought The Law, and The Law Never Fought Back." That's just how I roll. Still, I'm glad it caught on enough to give rise to this Saturday Night Live video by the Lazy Sunday/Lonely Island people (whose pretty enjoyable, never-aired Fox pilot can be is available online).

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