Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Story Thus Far...

We realize that the move here may have been traumatic for some of you. This should help you adjust.

Carl Lewis, Lego Thriller, Road to Springfield, Guilty Laughter and No Emmy, Mrs. Ewing's still mad, Yinka! (RIP), Lohan Freestyle, Jolie Homewrecker, Smell Like Alan, Brown Zogg, Pulp Bunnies, Traficant!, Black Pantherliciousness, Apollo fails, THERE in the world, Biblical bricks, Hornets! Bees!, a free agency thought experiment, shark vs. octopus, space history, Snakes On A Plane!!!, rough times for the Dad from Alf, The Weakest Rapper, Ken Jennings says "Ho", Kittenwar!, Seeing Ryan Fitzpatrick coming, Kim Clijsters looks like the mayor's assistant from Ghostbusters 2, Lemmings, awful Harvard alums, Roll Bounce, South Park Reds, Doppler 2 Million!, A Healthy Breakfast, Behind The Oregon Trail, The Worst Harvard Alumna, Express Written Consent, an error in judgment, Knicks Dancers, a bad day for Chris Cagle, Centaur Job Interview, Yosemite, contact some baseball writers, Rove's ringside boasts, Dave Coulier, Pottymouth, Puck Fiction, Apache!, the kids who resurrected Backstreet, more bees and hornets, sappy baseball nostalgia, 700 hobo names!, my hero, The Rent is Still Too Damn High,, bridge suicides, "I am the author of the only dictionary that defines me", Dudley from Diff'rent Strokes grows up, Sharpton Salsas, 4 New York! and the local news I grew up with, Chan Ho Park, 7th Floor Crew, Ass-to-Ass Guy, Dunkleman Returns and a reason to believe in podcasting.

Congratulations. You have wasted several hours.